Poop floats

I hate to say it, and I hate to know it, but there is a definitive continuum of types of horse poops, good to bad.

The best is frosty horse poops (solid enough to be picked up with ease, but not so frozen to stick to the ground) and the worst being cow plop-esque poops on grass (hard to pick up without ripping up grass, and never completely gone).

Even though I know there is a continuum, I cannot decide where floating horse poop goes. And let me tell you, it does float.

How did I learn this, you may ask? Well, today the farm turned into every type of body of water available. We had lakes, we had rivers, we had streams, we had swamps… the list can go on. We have a steady downpour of rain to thank for that. Starting last night, it absolutely poured rain. Into this morning – absolutely poured rain. Around midday – the rain stopped for a bit. This afternoon – absolutely poured rain. It’s expected to continue on well into tomorrow.

In my opinion, rain like this is generally good for a few things:

  1. Ending droughts
  2. Making inside seem cozier
  3. Making a neat pitter patter on your roof

Then there are things that this rain is generally bad for:

  1. Working outdoors
  2. Picking up horse poop
  3. Holding a holiday riding program for kids

Guess which category of things we did today!

I was soaked by 9 am. From taking ponies in and out, to putting out hay nets, to mucking the paddock – it all led to a couple of very drenched workers. However, the day was not lost.

Because of the rain, our 1 o’clock trek was canceled, and Marine, Dan, and I got to help out with the holiday camp kids. What do we do with kids who can’t ride ponies because it’s pouring rain? Well, we have them jump on trampolines or bounce on exercise balls while holding reins to practice keeping their hands still while riding. We have them leap around on a wooden horse named “Bezzle” (Warning: It could very well be a completely different name. Today, I learned that Australians pronounce “basil” as “bezzle” from watching Master Chef Australia, so its name could be “Basil”.¬†Accents are hard.) to practice their vaulting.We also have them participate in a “Pretty Pony” competition to see who can glam up their team’s pony the best. Luckily, ponies put up with a lot.

In other words, it was pretty fun for a rainy day.

So, while they are no frosty horse poops, floating horse poops are, in my opinion, the marker of an enjoyable, albeit wet, day to come.


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