Ponies upon ponies

People names are hard, and there are so many of them – it’s ridiculous. But coming here, I don’t just have to learn people names, I have to learn pony names.

This is a pretty big riding operation. I think there are about 40 horses and ponies here total, and they’re all used for something. It’s not as though I can get by just learning 5 ponies names, no, I need to learn them all, and be able to go out in a field (hopefully the right field) and catch them (hopefully the right pony).

Let me see if I can list off all of the lesson pony/horse names I’ve learned in my three weeks:
Nipper, Freeman, Gravy (and those three are identical tiny white ponies), Charlie, Connie, Smartie, Kasper, Connie, Chesney, Magic, Libby, Dexter, Breeze, Higgs, Chiquita, Flame, Ruby, Cadbury, Archie, Diesel, Penny, Denis, Julius…

And then there are the trek horses:
Chip, Sydney, Tonne, Bill, Nemo, Ellie, Rocky, Ace, Inky, Thomas, Fleur, Walter, Dory, Macka… there are many more, I just don’t know them yet.

Not to mention the other animals:
Jelly (the old dog), Trip (dog), Meg (my favorite dog), Samson (goat), Delilah (other goat), and the mom goat, whose name I can’t remember

Now that I’m listing it out, it doesn’t look like that many on paper, but it feels like a dictionary’s worth in my head.

Everyday, I’m learning new names. There are the new kids who come in everyday, then there are the horses, then the ponies

Names upon names.

Animals upon animals.

Ponies upon ponies.

Now that we’ve gotten lists and my happy complaining out of the way, let’s see some pictures of these guys!




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