Who I am and where I am going

I am the person in the above photo, running away from chickens.

But to be fair, chickens are very scary in large numbers.

To be a little more serious though, I invite you to realize that the purpose of this page is to tell you who I am and where am I going. Those are two of the most existential-crisis-causing questions out there, so I don’t really have a perfect answer for you right now, but I can tell you a few things:

My name is Sydney. I am currently an undergrad student at Juniata College. And I am going to New Zealand for a month. And hopefully other places after that.

Here’s how NZ happened. Last summer, I was doing what I do best: sitting around and planning things that I don’t think will ever happen, and I decided a fun thing to think about was going to NZ to work on a horse trekking farm. And the more I thought about it, the more plausible it became.

I started by looking for farms on a website called HelpX. The only problem about that was that to actually be able to contact the farms, I had to pay for a membership. No thank you. So I went to google and tried my best to find them on my own. Much to my surprise, it actually worked. I started emailing the farms, and found one that both accepted me and offered a few days off a week. Pretty soon, it was all set. They would house me and feed me, all I had to do was work on their horse farm – win-win. I just had to figure out how to pay to get there.

Things I knew: New Zealand is very far away. The place I’m going is about 9,000 miles from my house
Things I didn’t know: How expensive it is to fly there. Wow.

Luckily, my school offers an internship scholarship program called Super Internship. The college offers scholarships to help cover the cost of internships that are either unpaid or cost money. I checked, and my NZ expedition qualified as an internship. After a few months of waiting, I got the scholarship to cover my flight, and I was left with one very incredible thing: an almost free adventure to New Zealand for a month.


Now, I’m keeping this blog as a requirement of that scholarship, but I’m also a little excited to be writing. I make no promises on quality (especially photos), but if you feel like checking it out, I hope you enjoy it!




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