Airport thoughts

It's been a long time since I've posted. Life has been busy. It has that nasty habit of flying along so quickly that we can barely catch it. 


Conglomerate of lives

My friend Anna put traveling best when she said "it's bizarre to make a life and then you leave and your life there is done and no one from your other lives know anything about that life because they weren't there!" Okay, someone might have been able to put it a bit more eloquently, but she captured everything I feel when I travel. 

Coming home

Tomorrow will mark two weeks of being away from New Zealand. Wow. After 4 days at home, I moved into school (it's strange not to have to call it university anymore). It has been a whirlwind of helping with freshmen, trainings, prepping for classes, and your other usual college activities. So much has happened since... Continue Reading →

Ponies upon ponies

People names are hard, and there are so many of them - it's ridiculous. But coming here, I don't just have to learn people names, I have to learn pony names.

My tiny travel

When I was telling people about my internship in New Zealand, I would always say "a month" as though it is such a long time... A month is a remarkably short amount of time.

Poop floats

I hate to say it, and I hate to know it, but there is a definitive continuum of types of horse poops, good to bad.

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