A redwood in Amsterdam

I think I have one of those faces that just yells "mess with me!"


Conglomerate of lives

My friend Anna put traveling best when she said "it's bizarre to make a life and then you leave and your life there is done and no one from your other lives know anything about that life because they weren't there!" Okay, someone might have been able to put it a bit more eloquently, but she captured everything I feel when I travel. 

Not so love at first sight

I thought when I first came to Ireland, it might be love at first sight. I thought the lush green countryside would lull me into enchantment, and Cork City would rush into my heart with an immediate burst of wonder. I was wrong. In my experience, trying to fall in love with Ireland immediately was... Continue Reading →

The lady with the dog

Every morning, I walk past a lady and her dog. Well, I guess it would be dogs... Most days, she is walking a border collie. Some days, it's a little Scottish terrier.

A group affair

When I went to New Zealand, I was nervous to travel alone. A whole new country, a whole new world, and I was by myself.  When I came to Ireland, I was worried to travel with a group. 

Getting along in Cork

I have this sneaking suspicion that people from Cork are lying to me. Last week, my first week, it rained. And when I say it rained, I don't mean one day or two days - it rained everyday. People kept telling me "Oh, this is just a bad week" and when I laughed about it... Continue Reading →

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